Praise 2


“As the Mother-of-the-Bride, I had very high expectations of a wedding planner. I can say, with all confidence, that Duke + VanDeusen met and exceeded those expectations in many ways. Taylor and Sarah are creative, fun, conscientious, and  maybe most importantly, organized in every way. They worked to help realize our vision while doing everything they could to maximize our budget. My daughter Erin and I enjoyed this collaboration and D + VD  helped make this once-in-a-lifetime event something we will remember forever due to their meticulous planning and advice. We only wish we could do it all over again and would surely choose them to help us!”o end.”
– Toni Donahue

“Sarah and Taylor made my wedding stress-free and the wedding itself was beautiful and smoothly executed. Their organization, ability to anticipate your needs, and knowledge about event planning is remarkable and conveys a sense of calm confidence.They make your event special, and are able to keep you smiling with their friendly demeanors and attention to detail from beginning to end.”
Liz Giordano


“Working with D+VD was a dream! They were our support, our mediator, our organizer and our Dr. Phil. Sarah & Taylor allowed me to enjoy the process as a bride. I would recommend them with all my heart!”
Lexi Stolz


“This is the dream team of all wedding planners! They are organized, professional, smart and working with them is like getting wedding planners, new best friends and therapists all in one. I can’t imagine planning any event in my future without using them again!”
– Casey Fennell